Monday, January 5, 2009

yahoo! i caught a wahoo!

we made it to cabo san lucas!
the sail from bahia santa maria to cabo was a little of everything, storms, calm, and lots of good stiff breezes with perfect sailing most of the time.

cabo is amazing, horrible and great.
the marinas cost $185 dollars a night but anchoring out is free so that is our choice.
dingy dock is only $3 dollars a day and it has security so that is great.
the town has grown so much that you really can hardly know the place from even ten years ago, really it is ten times as big at least.
it is like a new acapulco or something.
with big malls that sell everything from harley davisons to fancy clothes etc.

we will stock up on food and stuff for our further adventures.

on the way down i caught lots of tuna which we all threw back since we are tired of eatting them.
but a big wahoo has made some fine meals.

we didnt get seasick on this last two day sailing trip and that is the first time on any leg so far.
the water is warm and leaf and i went for a late night swim off the boat last night.
i will post more stories later.

keeping our sails trim and our hooks sharp.
best wishes

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