Wednesday, January 28, 2009

salmon burgers

we are presently sailing around the sea of cortes.

it has been windy and the sea can be like the georgia straight in canada sometimes, with big steep waves. not fun if they are against you.

we have been hanging out in small bays and meeting campers and spent a few weeks in la paz. a beautiful city founded by cortez.

we are planning on an offshore voyage to south pacific in the next couple of months. this will be our longest passage yet and we are both scared and looking forward to it. we are working on repairs and some upgrades to make this passage safer and more enjoyable.

leaf has met some other boat kids and is having lots of fun making crafts and reading.

we are planning to be exploring more around the sea of cortes for the next few months, we may even go over to mainland mexico.

here is a recipie we enjoy onboard often.

salmon burgers

one can of salmon including liquid
two eggs
chopped onions
one half cup of flour
one half cup of rolled oats
one teaspoon of salt

mix all well.

tablespoon into hot oiled frypan and flatten burgers to thin round shape with flipper.

flip as it is browning a couple of times till firm and cooked.
served on a bun or with pasta is our favorite way to eat them.

we sometimes use cooked fresh fish or canned tuna or even leftover chili instead of canned salmon.

best wishes

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recipe! Looks like things are glorious on your journey! its still snowey here in the okanogan(-16 today Yikes right!) But there is hope it will reach double digits above this weekend! YAY! Suposed to be +10....So Sring really is on its way. By the way I think the Island got more dumps of snow then us this year!Well happy travells guys and thanks for the blogs. I too hope to be South bound in about 3yrs. Find us the ultimate spot will ya LOL Take good care out there... HugsLuna