Sunday, August 29, 2010

new sailing stories to come...

we have been busy in the last year since we returned to canada. leaf has been in school quite a bit and we have also been selling our crafts and beads on the sunshine coast the last two summers.
we have also been working to maintain and upgrade the boat in many ways.

some improvements and maintenance includes a new chain and windless, a new (used) radar, furling gear on the head sail, lots of sanding and painting (endless), two solar panels and a new wind vane on our auto helm (the old array on the radar worked great for this, pics coming), i also replace the old broken winches on the davits for lifting the dingy with the old wire winches from the maisail and jib that i removed in san francisco, sails repaired and lots of other small but important repairs and improvements.

we are hoping to sail to hawaii this fall. i will post more info when we get there.