Saturday, July 2, 2011

early summer 2011

this last winter was challenging and rewarding. we shared winter with several communities on the west coast of vancouver island. we went to schools, markets and potlucks. i caught several rock cod, a nice big ling cod and lots of crabs. we made new friends and discovered a few old ones. we survived many harsh winter storms in remote harbours. we anchored right out front of uclulet and tofino in storms over 40 knots. we felt strong and survived with no damage. 300 feet of 3/8 high test chain, 1500 watt bronze italian windlass and 70 lbs cqr style anchor made by steve trembley has given us a great deal of security.

we are now selling our jewelry in galleries and sharing this blog with our customers. so welcome and thanks for your purchases. in this blog you will find many adventures from our past. it is never up to date because we dont want anyone to worry if we are ok or not. we just want to share some of our adventures and make a link with those who share and support our dream of life long cruising. and although this blog is often neglected it is never forgotten. i hope you enjoy our blog.