Monday, May 25, 2009

hanelei bay

we are anchored in beautiful bay. voted number one beach in u.s.a.
it is also the bay in which peter paul and mary wrote about in the song puff the magic dragon, hanali. because it is beautiful and the mountains are the image of a recumbent dragon.

a wonderful place surrounded by dramatic emerald green volcanic mountains with waterfalls cascading down cliffs almost starting almost impossibly high from the tops.

the beach is long and and the sand is soft and the colour of light brown sugar.
the water is warm (27 degree)and the surf is large enough for serious surfing out by the reef, but inside the reef along the beach has a gentle swell making it lots of fun to play in. a real paradise. there is little development and the beach is so long that hundreds of people can enjoy it without seeming crowded. the surroundings are jungle like with banana plants and coconut palms and many other lush green plants and flowers.

this may be our last stop before heading back to canada. it is a real great finale to this voyage.

we have been spending our days exploring in the small character town and swimming.

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